e-Planner has really helped with the planning & seating of our guests.

All changes were made at the click of a mouse. The support we had from the

company was outstanding. I strongly recommend it!

Aggeliki Papageorgiou, Events Officer SETE
14th annual (Oct. 2015) & 13th annual (Oct. 2014) SETE Conference with Keynote speaker the Prime Minister of Greece.


When competition still uses printouts, photocopies, Word & Excel oblivious to the present-day needs of a successful event, you:

with the Online Seating of their guests, the automatic Guest Lists, the varying RSVP guest status and many more features.

making all subsequent changes till the day of the Event live, on the fly.

by the checkable - at all times - progress of client accounts (how many guests have been added, confirmed, seated etc.), the secure max capacity of each table, the timely guest lists, and many more checks and balances.


Save your clients (...as well as your company!) tons of stress and days of work.

Intuitive & visual assignment of guests at their tables with 2 clicks (Click 'n Seat!) Backup halls to seat guests just as easily in case different rooms are used (according to, say, weather conditions) Automatically produced Guest Lists Unlimited flexibility to make changes until minutes before the reception RSVP status Guest numbers analysis E-calendars Crystal clear communications Vendor list Automatic data protection of guest details Online access from anywhere.


Send a timely & personalised SMS message to all upcoming guests on behalf of your clients and welcome them with their Table Number, Number of Seats, and Online Navigation Map to your Venue.

Why stay cold with hundreds of guests when you can vastly improve their reception experience and win them over before they even reach your door?


With e-GuestList you confirm guests arrival 4-6 faster than with paper lists and printouts.

Without scribbles or unecessary delays, you welcome each guest professionally in under 2 seconds.

With arrival time logs per guest, full table status (who sits at each table, who has already arrived etc.), live adjustment of free seats per table, statistics and many more conveniences, e-GuestList (more than!) quadruples your reception staff and sets a new standard in welcoming guests.


With your Online Navigation Map it takes but a single touch/click for anyone to get to you.

Whether it is your prospects, clients, guests or new suppliers, they simply touch on your Online Navigation Map to get the route to your door on their cell phones from anywhere they are.

With your corporate logo, a welcome message, photos, location services and more, add your Online Navigation Map to your address details and and have everyone come to you ...with eyes closed.


Include the Customer Demo add-on to your website to allow your online visitors to open up a demo account instantly.

With each new demo account you get notified immediately, enabling you to contact the user through e-Planner or by e-mail at the e-mail address provided.

If a user sets up a demo account you increase the chances of closing the sale by up to 53%.

What's important to you

e-Planner offers many more features & solutions, including the full management of new offers
& confirmed events, option dates, online notes, an events calendar etc.

We keep adding new tools listening & responding to your needs.

Get in touch, let us know your thoughts, and you will be able to use your new tools in no time
strengthening your edge against competition even further!

I N C R E A S E   S A L E S
Winning first impressions.
Delighting clients. Satisfying all guests.
That’s how you increase your events!

P A Y S   O F F
With even a single additional event,
the software pays for itself many times over.
Care to assess the return?

Q U I T   W A S T I N G   T I M E
Cut in half the time you need
to organise an event.

W O R R Y   F R E E
Have impeccable events,
without annoying last-minute surprises.

C O M P L E T E   F R E E D O M
Whether at home or elsewhere,
just login over the Internet
to access your account.

Try e-Planner for 6 months.
If you are not happy, get a full refund
- no questions asked!

How it works

Check in detail how e-Planner works & helps.

What to Expect

Have a look at the results of our first installation after 1.5 years of use.

  • MIT EF Top10

    Η EventReception είναι
    τώρα μία από τις 10
    καλύτερες startups

  • Innovation ID 2016

    Συμμετοχή της
    EventReception στο
    Innovation ID 2016

  • Newspaper Agora

    Άρθρο της Σ.Κασίμη
    Αρ.Φύλλου 76,

  • Article in M&T

    2-page article in mag
    Money & Tourism,
    i. 222, 01/2016.

  • MITEF Distinction

    EventReception now
    acknowledged 1 of 25
    best Startups in 2016.

  • e-Map

    Your clients & guests
    find their way to your
    door with 1 touch/click.

  • e-GuestList: Check-in app

    Still using paper for your
    guest lists? Try our
    new app for free!

  • SMS & backup Server

    SMSs are now delivered
    even if the provider's
    SMS Server is down.

  • e-Planner v. 1.06

    With eP's 6th version
    you may seat Guests
    by SMS + a few ..

  • Suggested Vendors

    Include a list of your
    suggested vendors
    (DJs, hair stylists etc.)

  • SMS Seating Service

    Welcome and Seat
    guests by a
    personalised SMS!

  • Article in M&T

    2-page article in mag
    Money & Tourism,
    i. 209, 11/2014.

  • e-Planner v. 1.05

    eP's 5th version
    is out. Check our
    new features.

  • Events Calendar

    Check your Events,
    pending Requests &
    availability with 1 click.

  • Online Notes

    Keep Online all your
    notes for every Event
    or new Request.

  • 100% Guarantee!

    If not fully satisfied
    get your money back
    in 1-3 business days!

  • Money & Tourism

    2-page article in
    Money & Tourism
    magazine, issue 204.

  • Demo accounts

    Your website visitors
    can now create their
    own online accounts.

  • e-Planner v. 1.04

    eP's 1.04 version
    is out. Check our
    new features.

  • White Label

    Replace ER(c)'s name
    & logos fully & choose
    your own domain.