Events Calendar

The Events Calendar helps manage your events and availability
the easy way.

With empty cells when there's no activity, and all Halls showing
upon a single entry, you have a "clean", easy to navigate, calendar
that shows your availability at just a glance.


All your monthly Events show in a single screen.

Multiple listings in different Halls or dates, with a single entry.

Automatically assigned colours and icons depicting
the status of each entry.

Automatic updates with each alteration or new entry.

Direct access to all entry details (communication, notes,
table plan etc.)

New Offers initiated directly from the calendar.

Events Calendar - Check & manage your availability,
at the glance of an eye!


According to the status of an Event, different notifications help keep track of everything.

Confirmed Events
Green fonts.

Pending Offers
Red question mark.

Alternative Halls
Inside parenthesis.

Alternative Dates
Blue fonts & asterisk icon.


You don’t need to remember anything by heart.
Just mouseover and the tooltips explain it all, showing:

The Option Date associated with each Offer.

The alternative dates of an Event or Offer.

The start time of the Event.