SMS Seating Service: 100% Foolproof!

Having successfully sent thousands of SMS messages for tens of events where the SMS Seating Service has been used, we found ourselves in an uncomfortable situation when we had a failed delivery of 189 SMS messages for a business event.

Trying to identify why, we saw that the SMS Server of our provider was down at the time the SMS messages had been scheduled to go.

Though we were assured that this is a rare occurrence, we have now ensured that even at such an unlikely case, the SMSs will be delivered as normal through a backup Server.

When SMSs are now sent, we are also getting a Safety message that lets us immediately know if something is wrong. In such an event, we redirect the messages through a backup Server in just a few minutes. The SMSs now reach their goal, even if the SMS Server is down!

In addition, we now also include a Confirmatory SMS to the venue manager ensuring her that the SMSs have been sent on time, as scheduled.

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The SMSs for the SMS Seating Service are now sent even
if the provider's SMS Server is down!