Impress Guests!
Send an automated SMS text to all guests just hours before the reception, and welcome them by Name, the Online Navigation Map to your Venue, their Number of Seats and Table Number.


Why not welcome guests with a personalised SMS message to their mobiles, just hours before the reception?

Your SMS message is sent automatically on behalf of your clients, and welcomes guests by name while including the Online Navigation Map to your venue, the Table Number and Number of Seats they have been assigned to.

Upon receiving the message from your venue, upcoming guests:

Are pleasantly reassured that they are expected.

Come to your Venue with ...eyes closed with the help of your Online Navigation Map, without looking for road signs, taking wrong turns, or waisting time with static maps and diagrams.

Go directly to their tables without hassle and waiting lines, while keeping your message in their cell phones.

Welcoming guests by SMS not only eliminates all Navigation & Seating difficulties but helps you impress, and ultimely turn the hundreds of otherwise "Unknown & Disengaged" guests into your future prospects and most effective word-of-mouth advertisers.


Your clients log into their EventReception© account and enter their guest details Clicking and Seating them to their tables.

The guests’ phone numbers are automatically coded, securing their privileged status.

EventReception© knows the name, rsvp status, seats, table number and phone number of each guest, allowing changes up until the moment you send the SMS’s (..if you so wish).

Just hours before the reception, you send the SMS’s by the click of a mouse, the client account gets ‘locked’ preventing further changes and a personalized message is sent to the cell phone of each guest with the Number of Seats, Table Number and Online Navigation Map to your venue.

You can choose the events you will be using the Automated SMS Seating service.

Your clients must also tick a checkbox to acknowledge giving you permission to send the SMS's on their behalf.

You can keep making changes on behalf of your clients even after the SMSs have been sent.

If you do make such "late" changes, simply click [Send] anew, to have the updated SMS's automatically sent only to those guests who have changed seats and/or tables.

With each SMS dispatch we get a Safety message that guarantees that the messages will be sent even if the provider's SMS Server is down!

When SMSs are sent you also receive a Confirmatory SMS message letting you know that the SMSs have been sent as scheduled.

An automated report is sent to your e-mail 24-hrs after the SMSs are sent, with the total number of SMSs successfully sent, the unsuccesful ones & your remaining SMS credits.

EventReception© offers many more novel features that will delight your Prospects, Clients,
your Clients’ Guests as well as your own Staff and Colleagues!