e-Planner Version History

Version 1.06 (Release Date 23.02.2015)
- Automated Seating by SMS.
- Partners button (Contact details of your Djs, photographers, florists etc.)
- Easier searches for guest names from Client Environment.
- Direct access to your Client’s Environment from your extranet.
- Added 1 more persons category (eg. Adults, Children old, Children young.)
- Added square tables, single chairs as well as various other objects.
- Pre-numbered table templates.
- Guest data sync. w/ backup halls from the Client Environment.
- The Guest List can now be exported in Excel.
- Improving printouts & fixing minor bugs.

Version 1.05 (Release Date 28.09.2014)
- Events Calendar.
- Managing New Offers (Option Dates, Cancellations & Recovery).
- Multiple alternative Dates.
- Backup Halls - Guest Detail synchronisation.
- Empty Seats per Table report.
- Import Guest List from Excel.
- Lockdown Option.
- Auto-protection of guests' telephone numbers.
- All New/Unread Messages show with one click.
- Adding note-taking for each Event.
- Various code improvements.

Version 1.04 (Release date: 23.04.2014)
- Multilingual capability.
- Added confirmation of events.
- Added pending Offer Accounts.
- Online Demo accounts.
- Updated clients' default entry page.
- Subdomains ([Your_Company_Name].eventreception.com)
- White Label.
- Distinct search category for forthcoming confirmed events.
- Search Events with different criteria (name, hall, etc.)
- Code improvements and fixes.

Version 1.03 (Release date: 18.12.2013)
- English language.
- Added Contact module.
- Automatic code protection of guests' contact details.
- Crossing out completed tasks in Wedding & Christening calendars.
- Inclusion of Contract Agreement (Number of guests, menus, prices, details).
- Added warnings to avoid user errors.
- Added tooltips.
- Different colors for easier identification of tables, replies etc.
- Code improvements and fixes.

Version 1.02 (Release date: 02.09.2013)
- Adding floor plans as a background.
- Managing multiple halls.
- Christening Calendar.
- Sorting data with different criteria.
- Added totals and counters for numbers of tables & seats.
- Added new fields in the Guest List.
- Added navigation buttons.
- Variable length of bridal table and buffet.
- Numbering tables.
- Code improvements and fixes.

Version 1.01 (Release Date: 21.05.2012)
- Seating guests at the tables using the mouse.
- Adding and editing guest details, with variable guest replies.
- Guest lists.
- Printouts.
- Wedding calendar.
- Using round and rectangular tables.
- Use of templates.