Version 1.04

Version 1.04 has been completed. e-Planner is now ready to hit the market, with several improvements, new features and Optional Addons.

Version 1.04 (Release date: 23.04.2014)

Multilingual capability
You can now have EventReception, fully translated, in any language, to improve your focus on foreign prospects and clients.

New distinct Offer Accounts
Include unlimited Offer Accounts, with every new offer you make.

Confirm your Offers
Turn an Offer into a Confirmed Account at the click of your mouse, without needing to produce the table plan again, or loosing any work that has already been done.

Online Demo Accounts (Optional Addon)
Your website visitors can now generate online their own demo accounts, and experience your advanced services & solutions for themselves.

Updated Entry Page
With your logos and messages, your Entry Page immediately showcases your expertise & unique features.

Hosting address
Your Entry Page along with the software, are now hosted at

White Label (Optional Addon)
Replace the software’s name & logo with your own, and host your Entry Page and software at a domain name of your choice.

Distinguishing forthcoming confirmed events
Your forthcoming Events are now separately shown, with one click.

Searching with different criteria
Search any past or future, confirmed, offer, or demo events, by different criteria.

Coding updates and fixes

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