Version 1.05

e-Planner's 5th version is out!

With numerous structural upgrades that greatly help manage your New Requests and Confirmed Events.

Version 1.05 (Release Date: 28.09.2014)

Events Calendar
You may now check your New Requests and Confirmed Events at a glance with your Events Calendar.
The Calendar's visual clues and tooltips help you get a full picture of your Events, intuitively.

Managing your Offers (Reply Dates, Cancellations & Restoration of Cancelled Offers)
Manage your new offers from zero.
Give personal access codes to your prospects (new requests), upload your offer to their account and check whether they have login to their account. Cancel your offer or restore a previously cancelled offered, with a single click.

Multiple alternative Dates
Many times a new request (or even a confirmed event!) does not have a final date yet. In this case, simply choose the alternative dates. Your Events Calendar will be automatically updated!

Backup Halls - Guest Details synchronisation
In case you have backup halls/venues for an event according to, say, weather conditions, a second account can now be automatically created so that your clients have all their guests' details synchronised with one click.

Empty Seats per Table report
Your Guest List now automatically includes a report of all your Empty Seats per Table.

Import Guest List from Excel
If your clients already have their guests in Excel, they may import them at once.

Lockdown Option
You may now prevent your clients from making last-minute changes, by restricting their account to a view-only mode, x-days before the Event.

Auto-protection of guests' telephone numbers
Your clients now necessarily choose a 4-digit PIN before they start inserting guests, thereby automatically hiding their guests' phone numbers.

All New/Unread Messages now show with a single click
Click on "Check New Messages" to get all the New/Unread messages you have from your clients. Click on each one to read and/or reply, or leave a message as "unread" to keep reappearing when checking your messages anew.

Notes per Event
You can now take notes for every event! You may either have a predetermined template, or a completely blank document to freely make all the notes you need to, from the beginning until the end of your clients' Event. Keep all your info in one place, nice and neat!

General code improvements
We have further improved and simplified the code to gain more speed, as well as corrected some minor bugs.

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