e-Planner boosts quality, saves time, and increases sales by delighting clients & guests

Online Table Plans

From your PC to your clients’ screens in real time.

True Scale

Professional table plans, perfectly scaled & aligned with a grid.

Complete Freedom

Add different tables, furniture, text, & objects, turn them around, reshape & number them.

Fast Setups

Insert tables and furniture with two clicks.

Faster Setups

Press [Ctrl] and [Left Click] on one (or more) tables to Copy-Paste them at once.

Fastest Setups

Save your Setups as Templates and use them to prepare your table-plans with a single click!

Alternative Setups

Include as many setups of the same (or different!) rooms per offer as you want.


Automatic updates of Total Table & Chair numbers with each entry/modification.


Print out your tables plans to set up everything as agreed.

Click 'n Seat Guests

Your clients click 'n seat their guests in 2 clicks.

Guest Lists & Printouts

Guest Lists are created automatically and printed in one click.

Max Capacity

Impossible to seat more guests than allowed at any one table.


Clients track guests' rsvps with automatic adjustments at their Seating tabs.

VIP Guests

VIP guests are designated with one click.

Guest Groups

Guest groups are freely defined to sort and seat guests in a flash.

Age Groups

Up to three different age groups per guest (adults, children older, younger).

Guest Categories

Up to three guest categories (bride, groom, others).

Password Protected Info

Guests' phone numbers, e-mails, and personal notes are password protected & remain undisclosed.


General & per guest notes - personal and shared.

Sort by Hall

Seated guests can be sorted by table & Hall where multiple/alternative halls are used.


Numbers of confirmed/unconfirmed guests, adults, children, groom's/bride's guests, tables, seats and more!

Availability Calendar

A quick glance suffices to know your
confirmed events, pending offers & free dates.

New Offer/Event

Set up a confirmed event or new offer with option dates and alternative booking dates.

Event Status & Archive

Upcoming Events, Pending Offers, Demo Accounts, Search, it's all just a few clicks away.

Offers & Contracts

Upload your offers and contracts in your client accounts to avoid errors and confusion.

Prospects' interest

Know your prospects' interest by checking how many times they accessed their Offer accounts.

Verifiable progress

Check the seating progress of each confirmed account at a glance.


Keep your notes per event online and have your staff always on the same page.

Suggested Vendors

Include your suggested outside vendors list who can guarantee a quality event.


Keep all communications with your clients in one place & always accessible from beginning to end.

SMS Seating Service

Welcome guests with a personalised SMS text message to their mobiles noting their table number & number of seats.

Online Navigation Map

Include your Online Navigation Map to help guests get to your venue without hassle from anywhere they are.


* Additional SMS text messages charged €0.08/sms

** Prices do not include VAT (where it applies)


E-mail us your table plans

Scan or send a picture from your mobile, or attach
a .pdf, .doc, .jpg file etc. Whatever is easiest!

Within 24-hours...

you 'll be Clicking 'n Seating your guests online,
welcoming your guests by an SMS text message
to their mobiles, and checking them in on your
iPads/Android Tablets in less than 2 seconds.

* Guests' telephone numbers remain private & undisclosed

** Additional SMS text messages charged €0.05/message

Prices do not include VAT (where it applies)

Do you have questions? Have a look below...

What's Events/day?

SMS Seating Service

This number indicates the maximum number of Events you host per day.

The standard annual license includes 2 Events/day.
If you host more than 2 events per day, you may increase this number by the added Events/day.

Purchasing 1 Added Event/day, extends your annual capacity to 3 Events/day.

The automated SMS Seating Service impresses all guests, and helps eliminate waiting lines at the door.

A few hours before the reception, you send an SMS to all guests on behalf of your clients from your Venue, with their Table & number of seats.

The SMS Seating Service includes 1000(one thousand) SMS's per year, free of charge.

Read more >

What is the Customer's Demo?


The Customer's Demo enables your website visitors to create their own online demo account, gaining access to all the features of the software through your customised interface.

The Customer's Demo demonstrates your superior standards and expertise to all prospective clients, even before getting to meet with them.

Read more > Create a demo account now! >

e-GuestList is an outstanding new app in iPad (Apple)
that finally replaces the traditional, messy and slow paper Guest Lists that make you look like an amateur when welcoming guests.

e-GuestList has either a monthly (only for the months you want to) or an annual charge, and can be used even without having EventReception, at a small surcharge.

See more>

White label

Languages and Language Addon

Use the software replacing its name and logos with those of your own brand.

Contact us for further details >

Two languages are included by default: Your country's official language, plus English (or any language of your choice, in case English is your official language). Further languages may be added via the Language Addon.

Setup cost

Additional queries?

The setup cost includes the opening up and full customization of a new account. It is charged only once.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help!